Health Kinesiology/FES Testing

Healing Inspirations Center is proud to be one of the only places in the Tri-State area to offer this unique service that has helped so many people achieve good health!

Health Kinesiology™(HK) is an original and specific brand of BioEnergetic Kinesiology, a relatively new discipline which uses muscle testing / monitoring to gather genuine energy information from the body, and employs a variety of bioenergetic balancing methods to help you alleviate stress and make significant life changes. Learn More HERE

FES Testing is our unique service that helps you get the right Flower Essence for your health concerns or for emotional support. Many people are familiar with Bach Flower Remedies, now you can have one formulated just for you! Learn More HERE

New Client, 2 Hour Session: $150

Follow-Up Sessions, 90 Minutes: $100

FES Testing, 30 Minute Session: $60 (includes your custom remedy)