Client Focused Massage Therapy

All massages are performed on an Amethyst BioMat and may include Aromatherapy, Soothing Hot Towels, and our Oxygen Bar at no additional cost and according to your preferences.

60 Minute Massage: $85

90 Minute Massage: $110

Couples Massage

Couples massages are the perfect way to relax with someone you love. All couples are in the same room with his/her own massage therapist.

60 Minute Massage: $ 225.00

90 Minute Massage: $275.00

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

This is a Client Focused Massage Therapy session only with the fabulous addition of warm Himalayan Salt Stones! Deeply relaxing, soothing and gentle exfoliation, and highly beneficial for lymphatic drainage and sore muscles, this will quickly become a favorite! Learn More HERE

60 Minute Himalayan Salt Stone Massage: $95

90 Minute Himalayan Salt Stone Massage: $115

Lymphatic Drainage

This unique Massage Therapy session is highly beneficial for those wanting to support the healthy function of the Lymphatic System. Great to do shortly after recovering from respiratory discomfort, or those looking to shed water weight, maintain healthy weight, and for those that have recently had plastic surgery to smooth out the look and texture of skin.

60 Minute Session: 95.00

90 Minute Session: $115 ( recommended )

Raindrop Technique

In this fabulous session we combine Massage Therapy with Compression, Heat Therapy, Reflexology and Aromatherapy. Using 9 therapeutic grade (meaning they are organic and safe for internal and topical applications) essential oils and blends, you will benefit from the healing properties of these oils along with supporting your healthy Immune System and Musculoskeletal System.

60 Minute Session (Focused bodywork on Feet, Back and Neck): $100

90 Minute Session (Full Body): $125